Jane’s Program

Sometimes when you sit down in front of your 1980s microcomputer, you don’t really want to do anything particularly productive or meaningful.

If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, you have long been well catered to, since both interactive and non-interactive demos and software toys have been part of the public domain software landscape pretty much since the earliest days of computing.

A great example of something that is fun to play with but has no real “meaning” to it is Jane’s Program, an addictive exploration of sound, colour and rudimentary physics that might be just the thing if you’ve had a hectic day!


2 thoughts on “Jane’s Program”

    1. That would be awesome! In the meantime, there are some VR experiences built on a similarly toy-like idea — Harmonix Music on PSVR and TiltBrush on PC are notable examples. I especially like the latter; you can paint in 3D and walk all around your creation!


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