About this site

I grew up with Atari computers.

First we had an Atari 400. Then an 800XL. Then a 130XE. Then a 520ST. And finally a 520STE, upgraded to a mighty 1MB of RAM. I loved every one of them.

Atari is in my blood.

This site and its accompanying video series is my attempt to revisit some childhood memories — as well as catalogue some of these pieces of software that will one day be lost in the mists of time.

About me

My name is Pete Davison. I grew up writing about Atari games and software for Page 6 Magazine (later New Atari User) alongside my brother and father. Subsequently I contributed to PC Zone and the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine, and was a regular staffer on GamePro and USgamer.

I also run another site called MoeGamer, dedicated to Japanese video games and visual novels. Stop by and check it out!


Atari games, software, hardware… and memories

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