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Caverns of Khafka

We take them for granted today, but scrolling platformers were quite an unusual sight back in the early ’80s.

One fun example is Cosmi’s Caverns of Khafka, a game developed by Aztec Challenge creator Robert T. Bonifacio. While the game is by no means perfect — it has some fairly severe issues with collision detection at times! — it’s a fun treasure-huntin’ adventure that is worth a play or two.

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Aztec Challenge

Aztec Challenge is one of the first ever examples of what we now know as the “auto-runner” genre.

First released in 1982 by Cosmi and subsequently rereleased in 1983 with considerably improved graphics, the game sees the player taking on the role of an Aztec warrior (who may or may not be wearing pants) as they attempt to jump over a series of increasingly awkward obstacles.

The game has a reputation for being incredibly unforgiving in terms of its collision detection, but it’s a fondly remembered game for its impressive graphics (in its 1983 incarnation, at least) and addictive challenge.