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Submarine Commander

Submarine games seem to have fallen somewhat out of favour in recent years, but there were quite a lot of them throughout the ’80s and early ’90s.

The Atari 2600’s attempt to capture the excitement of this subgenre of naval combat came in the form of Submarine Commander, a Sears-exclusive release that cast players in the role of… well, of a submarine commander. How long can you survive against the relentless assault of ships that don’t seem to be going anywhere?

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Of all the genres that have been with us since the earliest days of the medium, racing games have probably been through the most significant changes.

There’s still an undeniable appeal to classic single-screen top-down affairs, though, particularly when they control as elegantly as Race (aka Indy 500) for Atari 2600 does. Originally making use of a custom “Driving Controller” and today mapping excellently to the analogue sticks on our standard joypads, Race remains a fine way to while away a few minutes, whether you’re by yourself or in the company of a friend.

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